That kid in college, the one who bought CO2 lasers off the internet and brought them to his dorm room lab to zap army men— that was me.  I collected disposable cameras for over a year so I could make the biggest flash ever.  I conquer cubicles.  I climb buildings.  I like to explore the underground.  I’ve always liked balloons for some reason.  I can’t surf, so I improvise.  I shop where aerospace hardware goes to die.  I’m an urban explorer, and an outdoors explorer.  I follow fire fighters and find the story.   I’m not afraid to jump in, to whatever presents itself. Front handsprings are great.  I like to stack things because it tests my patience.   I like sunsets,  I only see sunrises if I haven’t slept.  I play guitar. I find joy in infinities. I like artists because I’ve always wanted to be one.  I try to make some kind of impact wherever I go.

When I was in college I made this document called the “beastfolio.” It was my attempt at capturing all of my work in one place. The thing came out weighing fifteen pounds and used a six inch binder. It was too much, who wants to lug that thing around to an interview? This is my attempt to put all of that work in one place. Please, click around and explore the links because there is more “hidden” content than I’d like to admit.

Who am I? I’m a writer, artist, engineer, philosopher, a thinker, a creator, a problem solver, and most importantly– I am a collector.

The thing I collect has no monetary value, and it has no meaning to anyone else but me.  There are an infinite number of them spread all over the world, and I think everyone to some extent collects them in their own way.

I collect experiences in life.  I am on the hunt for new ideas, new ways of thinking, new people, and new possibilities.  I am collecting for the mere thrill and excitement that comes out of doing something new and unique for the first time, for the knowledge one gains when they step outside of what they know.  I collect because comfortable, to me, is equatable with boring.

Driving a new way to work, trying a new restaurant, talking to someone you’ve never talked to, leaving the country, starting a company… From the largest of life choices to the most mundane acts I try to live a life that affords me the best chances of experiencing something new and unique as often as possible.